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Application Hosting Solutions

Application hosting refers to the practice of an Application Service Provider (ASP) providing computer based services over a network such as the Internet. Minimize the cost to deploy, upgrade, and maintain enterprise applications!

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 / 2013 / 2016 (Add2Exchange option available)


Enterprise class solutions require a great deal of resources to successfully setup, operate, and properly maintain. Some of the resources needed to host a typical server-based application include dedicated hardware, expensive licensing, Internet bandwidth, backup devices, power, and highly trained support personnel. Our application hosting solutions provide the same benefits from the software, eliminate the need to own and operate the infrastructure to support the software, and provide a more reliable solution since they are hosted within an environment with more resources than what a typical company would be able provide itself.

Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS)

Virtual Dedicated Servers (virtual machines) utilize the latest in cloud computing technologies to allow multiple operating systems to operate concurrently and privately on the same physical hardware as if they were physical servers. Our datacenters feature more powerful than average servers running VMWare's ESX virtualization platform that provides private and dedicated servers that share the same hardware resources. Since hardware resources are allocated dynamically, we are able to provide customers with more resources on demand. Production ready and scalable, Virtual Dedicated Servers provide a great solution for websites, business applications and more. Learn more

Private Cloud Networks

Our Private Cloud Network solution allows organizations to host a complete network of Virtual Dedicated Servers to meet a wide variety of business demands. You simply pay a flat fee per Virtual Dedicated Server or pay for dedicated allocation of the number of resources you require within your entire network and allocate resources to as many Virtual Dedicated Servers as you see fit. Learn more

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